Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Food of Love Play On!

I am starting this blog for several reasons. The obvious reason is because I love food, making food, and entertaining people. It's fun and I'm good at it. I want to share recipes and cooking tips with friends and family who say things like, "You should open a catering business" or "What's the recipe for . . . "

The less obvious and more selfish reason for entering into this self-important world of blogging is because while I am eager to entertain friends and family and really believe few experiences in life are as wonderful as sitting down to share a meal with good conversation and people you love- few people I know seem to share this sentiment. I often hear people my age talking about how they don't know how to cook, how it seems "too hard," "too expensive, " or "just too much of a hassle." I would like to dispel these myths and encourage and inspire people to cook at home, have parties, and entertain friends. Selfish you say? Yes. I want to get some invitations for some home-cooked meals!

Rules to Feeding Yourself and Others
1. Cooking is not some mysterious activity that only few can do competently, people have been feeding themselves since the beginning of time. Like any other skill, it just takes a little practice to do it well.
2. Cooking at home is infinitely less expensive than eating out all the time. It is perfectly possible to serve a family of four a yummy and healthy dinner for less than ten dollars. Really.
3. A little organization goes a long way in saving time and money.
4. If it tastes good to you, it probably will taste good to other people. When people say, "I can't cook," I usually ask, "Are you able to taste food?" Your mouth will tell you whether or not something is properly seasoned, the right texture, whatever.
5. Don't be afraid of trying new things.

There you have it. I'll share a recipe tomorrow. Something yummy and easy. I promise.

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